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  1. You’ll need to contact a pet agent first, who will then engage a cargo carrier (such as Kyiv Cargo) to transport your pet. Make sure the company you choose is accredited – you don’t want to get caught out on price, so it’s best to go with recommended experts.

  1. Make sure that you get the right crate. Some customers will be expected to meet their pet agent at the airport and often don’t have the right type of crate. You should be advised on the type of crate based on your pet’s measurements. Ensure you have a kennel that’s big enough, with a water pot that is secured properly.

  1. Make sure you’ve got the right documentation, such as a Rabies certification. Your agent should also tell you what you’ll need, depending on the destination your pet is travelling to.

  1. Have your pet kennel-trained in advance so they won’t be stressed during the journey. You can do this at home, putting treats in the kennel and getting them used to it in advance of their trip.

  1. Don’t feed your pet before travel. If they’re due to travel in the morning, don’t feed them directly before – if the flight’s in the evening, lunch should be their last meal. Just a small snack no more than two hours before dropping them off will be sufficient. 

  1. Kyiv Cargo won’t accept some species, such as snub-nosed dogs, because they’re known to have respiratory problems. We would never want to endanger the life of the dog, and as a result don’t feel it is safe for them to fly.

  1. We never tranquilise pets, and we don’t recommend it. Tranquillisers can reduce the ability of the animal to respond to stress, and the reaction to the tranquilliser can’t always be foreseen. They can only be used if your pet has a specific problem, and sedation can only be signed off and carried out by a licensed veterinarian.

  1. Finding room for your pet on the same flight could be difficult if you’ve already booked your ticket. Once slots are filled, carriers may not be able to take your pet, but they will try to help in as much as possible. We recommend that you contact your pet agent around the time that you book to guarantee you fly with your pet.

  1. Metal water bowls are better than plastic – make sure to attach them to the crate with a funnel so pet handlers can get water to them. A favourite blanket or toy is comforting to have too – don’t use newspaper though because it can be shredded and usually ends up in the water bowl.

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